Congratulations Dr. Gengler

Nick just graduated from his PhD! Congratulations Dr. Gengler!

Nick initial PhD idea was to work on quantitative approaches to better understand and manage mammal communities in Paraguay. And then COVID19 happened. He couldn’t travel to Paraguay so instead, Nick developed a pretty clever plan b, to address one of the most important challenges in landscape ecology. As part of his dissertation Nick conducted a global analysis compare the scale of effect of landscape composition and configuration of forest mammals. Nick’s degree was supported by an (NSF-GRF)[]. We are grateful of NSF for supporting his career. Paraguay didn’t happened for his PhD, but…he landed a position with local NGO in Paraguay working in mammal conservation. Nick’s story is one of perseverance and success.

Miguel Acevedo
Miguel Acevedo
Assistant Professor of Quantitative Wildlife Population Ecology

My research interests include global change, lizard malaria, and quantitative applications for conservation planning.