Data Papers 2.0 (ESA 2023)

We are back from Portland, where we did a workshop on Data Papers and the future of open science at ESA 2023.

The future of ecology is intrinsically tied to our ability to conduct open science. Data Papers are a special type of paper in Ecology where data and metadata are published to be reused. Our group of ESA Data Paper Editors composed of Grace DiRenzo, Hao Ye, Simona Picardi, and myself are working towards a re conceptualization of this important type of paper. We are following a data-driven process that includes gathering input from the community. As part of this process we led a special session at ESA where our community engaged in a super fun and highly engaging brainstorming session. Working with this group is a real luxury! Stay tuned as we we will announce soon the new features of Data Papers 2.0!

Miguel Acevedo
Miguel Acevedo
Assistant Professor of Quantitative Wildlife Population Ecology

My research interests include global change, lizard malaria, and quantitative applications for conservation planning.